An exceptionally difficult program—add a very large entertaining wing and master bedroom to a Victorian gem of a millers home in the wilds of Virginia.  The mill pond is above the house--its dam looming over it.  We opted for a semi-attached barn ‘concept’ for the project, with a lodge-like ambiance.  A tall interior space is separated from the dining area by a massive stone chimney with oversize fireplace.  The south end faces a spectacular mountain view framed by tall windows. Given the elevation and location of the pond we situated the ‘barn’ just above it.  The result is that guests, sleeping in the miller’s house are at the same floor level as the entertaining space.  Hence it is friendly to the elderly who can enter the ‘Barn’ at grade and walk through to the second floor of the old house.  Our client worked hard to select colors for siding and roof that would recede behind the house.

Contractor: Beaverdam Custom Builders, Inc.