My client inherited an aging log cabin in the Leesburg historic district, cherished  for its presence in a block of diminutive homes.  The logs, thoroughly eaten by termites were well beyond salvaging. The house was settling into the earth, sloping 7” in 24’ and the roof swayed noticeably—a feature that the local historic review board insisted we retain.  It was dark inside, was minimal headroom in the loft, accessed by a treacherous stair.  We removed the first floor and poured a level slab, over which we installed radiant heat and hickory flooring.  The loft floor was levelled and a new ‘summer’ beam installed.  We cut away 1/3 of the loft, built a new stair, and added a shed dormer.  New interior perimeter bearing walls support areas where the logs are missing.  Logs were left in place, so that future owners could restore them if they chose.

Contractor: Richard Debutts
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